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Our Product

At Absne Private Limited, we are passionate about leveraging technology to transform ideas into reality. We are an established IT company specializing in website and mobile app development, committed to empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.


The Boss Story

“The Boss Story” is product of “Absne Private Limited”. Absne is an IT company that assists its clients in conducting online business and helps them achieve new heights in their business ventures.

Going online in today’s world is a must. Especially; for unspoken of success stories. It gets can be crowded on the web and showcasing your success to the light, feels intimidating. Well; no more, through our blog publishing platform; we are your online voice for success. Inspire, bring value, grow in the process and repeat. Our team believes in the power of the words and inspirational hope, a power that can be yours. Be it health, finance, corporate, environment, entrepreneurship…etc. whatever field you succeed at we got you covered.